👀 Donaldization of the politics

In the modern age, stupidity and politics has been really mixed with eachother. Addition to the demagogue, choosing the idiots and idiotization of the politics has gotten the new form and shape which I call that "Donaldization of the Politics". This term is near to the Macdonaldization theory coined by G. Ritzer, American sociologist, which  shows the process of the exploitation in the growing of the capitalism.

Donaldization has some characteristics below, according to my opinion:

1. Demagogism with deception of public opinion with populistic slogans is the most important purpose and method of political thoughts management of the public.

2. Clientelism, which considers the pedagogy and organise the layers of low-knowledged and marginalised people for creating and promoting the public enthusiasm in a political action.

3. Xenophobia, is another method and idea of idiotization which considers the immigrants as an cause of structural economic and social defeciencies and problems. It also assumes that the immigrants have stolen the opportunities from native citizens.

4. Rasim or social discrimination in the name of race is another property of Donaldization of politics and its hidden target is abusing the public excitement of unemployed and marginalised people.

5. Anti-Feminism and opposing with gender equality has a serious origin in this politic strategy and it is strongly supported by the traditional and underdeveloped structure of a masculine dominated society.

6. Sexism and contempt, threatening, sexual and verbal harassment and even physical-sexual threatening against women, homosexuals and L.G.B.T is one of the pillars of gaining social acceptability between the supporters of this political strategy.

7. Anti-Semitism, opposing with and creating the campaign between we and others is also another property which openly and hidden follows the Donaldization of politic.

8.Neoliberalization of economy, politics, society, culture, education and health and treatment is the most important orientation of this politic approach, which sacrifices the  rights of a big part of the society to profits of a limited stratum.

Donaldization of politics in the 21th century could be traced within Italy by Berlusconi, French by Sarkozi, Russia by Putin, Turkey by Erdogan and even in Iran by Ahmadinejad. This political approach would be spread in the Europe, especially in Sweden, at the same time that globalisation is growing up. This trend results the polarisation of the society in national and international levels and finally would be empowering the left movements especially the radical ones.

Ali Tayefi

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