Globalization: Age of war between fundamentalists

In the cold war epoch, there were two camps for the challenges. Communism was a dangerous threat to the capitalism world and its development. In the third world or post colonialist countries was a red sign to extensionalism. Capitalists in the imperialism epoch have invested against them and support many of dictatorships in the post colonial countries such as Chili,Egypt, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran and south Korea . After approximately one century, now, capitalists apparently, won. It was the first stage of globalization.
After collapse of Berlin wall and fragmentation of Soviet, capitalists and imperialist front have worn a new cloth titled as the best way to the happiness. They tried to promote the idea that capitalism is the end of history. Many of neoliberal thinkers in the social science especially in the sociology affected people's brains : we are insulted and now we can create a Utopian society. In this new path in growth and development, winners claimed freedom and democracy for all the world. All of media, high technology and militarily plans devoted for this new map. Human rights became a passionate justification for second stage of intervention and extensionalism: globalization has just one enemy which is non-democratic countries!

In conclusion of first stage of globalization by the imperialism, nowadays, many of backward and dictatorial countries from west to east of the world have become a biggest enemy. Now, these children are not acceptable. New markets to profit and to manipulation of world people, need to extend more and more. New alliances have been produced: EU, 8 group, ... . and capitalists drew out new software . In the late 30 years, numbers of billionaires reached from 454 to 746 persons. For these capitalists leading by USA, human rights, freedom, democracy and privatization were holy verses in getting new powers. As Negri and Bardth have proved, new Imperial with new obstacles follow new goals: new markets.

Therefore, all of children of capitalists who had their support, now must obey a new regulations : open the door, private the economy and trade and break cage of governmental dictatorships. In the turn of 21th century, there has appeared a third stage of globalization in the name of God! Now all of fundamentalists especially Christian fundamentalists in the USA ( by Bushes: father and his son), Jewish Fundamentalists in Israel and Islamic fundamentalists (Shiite extreme Islamists in Iran, Syria and Lebanon; Sunni extreme Islamists in Saudi Arabia by Bin La din) are in the game. This is a governmental and capital Mafias in some networks. Once they had some alliances against Communism in the name of Happiness and freedom, and now they are in the big war for human rights! This is an ironic in the history which repeat again. Afghanistan destroyed by the name of God: by Talibanism, Bin Ladinism, and finally by "Bushism". Iraq burned in fire by the name of Human Rights. And now Iran is in the target. This is the nature of third stage of globalization: Kill humans in the name of God; kill humans in the name of Human rights!

In these countrie,which fundamentalim has grown, most of people who don´t like that. They can "de- fundamentalize" their societies. This is, as Baudrillard has noted, the strenght of weakness. It is an historical massage to the superpowers: Human Rights are products of Human Civilization and freedom can not sacrifice justice. Although, many of people have manipulated by the Imperialist media, but there are many eyes and mouths in the post colonial countries which tell: we are alive, we are waiting to human rights and we can get it by ourselves. You are not welcome!

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